Monday, 17 November 2008


This Saturday past was a lovely day.

My five Swiss cousins all have busy lives, which means that it's not often that they spend a whole day all together in one place. However, to celebrate their dad's (and my uncle's) 75th birthday, they thought the best present they could give would be to go on walk with all the family. The date of 15 November had been arranged a while in advance, and I'd also been invited along.

Anyway, the plan was to go on the chair lift late on Saturday morning from Oberdorf in Canton Solothurn up to the Weissenstein mountain and then walk on from there. Unfortunately, the lift is currently undergoing maintenance work, so we reverted to Plan B and walked up the mountain instead. It wasn't too hard a walk, however. We made it to the top after an hour and a half, and the handful of relatives who'd made it up by car (yes, there's a road going up) had prepared a mini-barbecue for us. The photo below is the view from where we ate.

We then walked down the other side of the hill and finished the walk in Canton Berne and the French-speaking village of Corcelles, where we ended up at the "Restaurant de l'étrier d'argent" (The Silver Stirrup). The people there - who spoke both Swiss German and French - served us copious amounts of fillet of steak which we then fried ourselves in pans on the table. Simply delicious.

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Lyn said...

I see there is snow on the mountains.....bodes well for your auntie's skiing trip to Courchevel in January !!