Sunday, 10 August 2008

I'm sat writing this on my balcony on another warm summer's afternoon. Probably too hot for cycling - I did that yesterday when there was a cooling breeze (past Haltingen, Binzen, Fischingen, a meander through Efringen-Kirchen, along the B3 up to the point level with Blansingen, and then back) - so will probably go for a walk later, or something. Then again, there's German Cup action this evening, with Rot-Weiss Erfurt at home to Bayern live on telly. Have watched some of the Olympics, of course, though I missed Great Britain's first gold medal performance today (Nicole Cooke won the women's cycling road race).

In other news, I've got in contact with some people in Basel on the English-speaking expat website for Switzerland who go on nice leisurely bike rides together in and around Basel. They meet every Wednesday evening (while it's still light). This week they're going to explore the Petite Camargue, so I think I might tag along.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The dog days of August

Eeugh, it's hot.