Friday, 13 June 2008

Footy-related musings and WLAN

Two things to comment on today.

Firstly, the football. My favourites to win, Germany, came unstuck yesterday rather against dark horses Croatia. I only saw the last 15 minutes of the match, but they didn't play well yesterday, by all accounts. So far, there have been some good performances from the likes of Spain, Holland, Croatia and Portugal, but it's too early to say who might win this tournament. Not a very technical analysis, this, but there you go... I'm particular interested in the outcome of the decisive Czech Rep - Turkey match, as I have a feeling one of these two teams might yet surprise people despite neither of them convincing in their first matches. If Turkey is that team, I shall be bracing myself for the car horn fanfares...

Now it's the weekend, I think some of this "public viewing" malarky might be in order. Maybe in Basle.

Secondly, a PC expert came round today in order to sort out a wireless Internet connection for my laptop. It was a harder task than he thought, which made me feel vindicated in the knowledge that it wasn't a case of me being computer illiterate after all. The technician first came to the conclusion that it must be Norton Security playing up, but eventually the trick was keying in my so-called MAC address, and it finally worked. Halleluja. Now, the same should theoretically work with my desktop PC as well.

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