Thursday, 13 September 2007

Wiiwegli in reverse

Despite my dodgy left knee, I decided to go on a fairly substantial walk today. I had the day off so I wanted to relax a bit in the sun. Took the train for free to Eimeldingen (which is two stops north of Weil) using my Regiolight-Jahreskarte. Then walked through the village and into the flat expanse of fields beyond in the direction of Fischingen. I passed through maize fields before reaching a field full of horses. I think they are competition horses (show jumping, maybe), judging from what I've seen when I've cycled past the owner's "ranch" on a number of occasions. Other than these equine specimens, there was hardly a soul to be seen - though not surprisingly, it being a working day.

Fischingen is a lovely village and probably the place I'd choose to live if I ever wanted to settle down in the countryside here.

Anyway, I ventured on through and then up into the vineyards where I joined the official Markgräfler Wiiwegli which I'd negotiated successfully 11 months ago. I decided to go in the reverse direction back to Weil, via Binzen, Ötlingen and the Tüllinger Höhe. It took three and a half hours in all, and I was rather knackered and hot when I got back, but it was thoroughly enjoyable. Here are the photos, including one of some new and notoriously colourful blots on the landscape, sorry, houses, in Binzen.

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