Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Went to the Altwiler Stroßefescht last weekend after all. First of all with KH, a colleague of mine, after work on Friday, and then on Sunday when I met up with Adrian, Sumudhu and their three-month old baby boy Nathaniel. The atmosphere at the fest was quite friendly and relaxed.

In other news, the vineyards above Weil are closed to the public now because of the harvest. Incidentally, I've been browsing recently through a lot of wine tasting notes and blogs written by journalists who write about wine for a living. I've always loved to do something similar, though doing so would mean a total career change - and potentially earning tuppence during the early stages. I've been considering it seriously on and off for the past few years, and I even did a WSET intermediate wine certificate in German almost two years ago. However, I would first have to be more proactive in my free time before I could even start seriously considering such a change of course.

I've always thought of writing a book about wine. Maybe I could write one in my free time?!

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