Monday, 9 July 2007

Freiburger Weinfest

Went to Freiburg to attend the Freiburger Weinfest last Saturday for the first ever time. Set on the Münsterplatz underneath the towering cathedral, all the movers and shakers of the local wine scene were present showcasing their wines in little pavillions and at circular, open-air bars. To the best of my knowledge, the wines I tried were as follows:
Weingut Stigler, Ihringen, Riesling Kabinett trocken 2006;
Weingut Schlumberger, Laufen, Sauvignon Blanc trocken 2006;
Weingut Fritz Waßmer, Bad Krozingen-Schlatt, Spätburgunder Barrique trocken, 2005;
a 2003 Pinot Noir from a winery whose name escapes me (didn't like it at all as it let off pungent beetroot on the nose - either another wine suffering from that legendary 2003 flab or simply a faulty wine);
then the same Fritz Waßmer wine later to round off the evening. That was all I had, honest [hic].

I also ended the evening taking home one of these glasses (NB: the photo isn't mine).

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