Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Ulla kommt

According to the Weiler Zeitung, a delegation of German civil servants from Berlin - including one of Germany's most well-liked politicians (not!) the Bundesgesundheitsministerin (Health Minister) Ulla Schmidt plus high-ranking officials from 27 different European countries - will be gathering in the nearby spa town of Badenweiler (pronounced "Baaadehweeeleh" in the local dialect) from 25 to 27 Feb for some conference knees-up going by the name of Gesundheitliche Prävention - hard to translate but roughly it means prevention is better than the cure...

To get these fonctionaires in the mood for some hard negotiation, they're all coming to Weil on Sunday 25 February to witness the annual carnival procession, or: Buurefasnachtsumzug. I hope they like it.

Your official blog carnival correspondent will, of course, be reporting on the event in full digital technicolour.

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