Sunday, 4 February 2007

Beautiful day

Went on a walk today: from home in Weil, over the Tüllinger Höhe and then down the other side to Lörrach. Took some photos along the way (see below). Up the steep path from the Weiler Schlipf vineyard to St. Ottilien Kirche at the top of the hill, then through Ober-Tüllingen, followed by a gentle descent down to Lörrach on the eastern side of the hill. Stopped off at Zum Wilden Mann in the centre of Lörrach for a wheat beer then caught the S-Bahn back home.

The weather was dry, sunny and perfect for walking. On the way down to Lörrach, I went past the holiday flat in Lörrach-Tüllingen where I lived for two weeks in April 2000 when I first arrived in Germany. The (mostly) fond memories of that time came flooding back, and I remembered how apprehensive yet excited I felt back then. For a moment, I wished I was seven years younger.

One new discovery I made in Lörrach today was that there is now a new English pub situated opposite the Maharaja restaurant called "Hang Out", which could be an interesting new venue to keep in mind for the future.

Anyway, I arrived in the centre of Lörrach and went into Zum Wilden Mann for a cheeky wheat beer and a read of the book I've currently got. Near the end of my stay there U2's Beautiful Day started playing through the loud speakers. It cheered me up no end. No particular reason why, but it was nice to be nostalgic for a moment.

Anyway, here are the photos:

Looking out north-west to the Vosges in the distance

German vineyards, Swiss hills in the distance

Looking over Weil from St.-Ottilien-Kirche

View of Lörrach from the same vantage point

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