Friday, 23 February 2007

Fasnacht begins

I've just returned from the Rathausplatz in Weil, where Buurefasnacht kicked off tonight with the "Guggemusik Monsterkonzert". I made my way down there at 7 to watch a few of the performances with some good friends. All the bands had masks on, which, for some reason, they would all take off after the first song. This is unlike Basle, where taking your mask off is a no-no. Judging by some of them on stage, I think everyone would have been better advised to keep their masks on. In any case, it detracts visually from the whole spectacle. A "poor man's" Basler Guggekonzert, then? Probably. Musically, the bands seem to keep it together better in Basle, plus the costumes are superior.

I took a photo though:

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