Saturday, 27 January 2007


The Weiler Zeitung have sent me their paper free of charge over the past fortnight to try and get me to subscribe to them. While it it a decent paper, I doubt I'll take up their offer, if only because I often don't manage to read it when I get back in the evening because I'm doing other things. And in any case, the newspaper already has a dedicated website where I can browse the local news to my heart's content.

Nevertheless, the Weiler Zeitung truly is an upstanding newspaper for local people, and one supplement did catch my eye a couple of days ago: the fixture list for the second half of the season (Rückrunde) in the local amateur football leagues. SV Weil is the name of our local team, so, courtesy of the Weiler Zeitung, I present you, dear readers, with SV Weil's remaining fixtures in the 2006/2007 Verbandsliga Südbaden season:

*All matches on a Saturday (3.30 kick-off) unless stated.

3 March (yes, you read that correctly: following an inexplicably long winter break that began back at the beginning of December)
SV Weil vs. SV Stadelhofen
10 March
SV Linx vs SV Weil (Linx are the league's fat cats, run-away leaders and favourites to get repromoted to the Oberliga Baden-Württemberg. If Weil get anything from this fixture, I'll eat my (c)hat)
17 March
SV Weil vs FC Teningen
25 March (Sunday 3.00 kick-off)
FV Gamshurst vs SV Weil
31 March
SV Weil vs SC Pfullendorf II (reserve team of one of southern Germany's most well-known amateur clubs)
7 April
VfB Bühl vs SV Weil
14 April
SV Weil vs Kehler FV (Kehl is another town near the French border with a pedestrian bridge over the Rhine, though I won't bore you with that one)
21 April
Offenburger FV vs SV Weil (Offenburg are favourites to clinch the second promotion spot and are currently 8 points ahead of third-placed Pfullendorf)
28 April
SV Weil vs Freiburger FC (used to be Freiburg's best-supported team before the days of SC Freiburg and their gloryhunter following)
6 May (Sunday 3.00 kick-off)
FC Wollmatingen vs SV Weil
12 May
SV Weil vs FV Donaueschingen
19 May
SV Weil vs FC Denzlingen (note: Denzlingen, Teningen and Bötzingen are all local rivals of Freiburger FC)
26 May
FC Bötzingen vs SV Weil

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