Saturday, 2 December 2006


Went to Frankfurt last Thursday to take in the UEFA Cup group tie between Eintracht Frankfurt and Newcastle United. Joined up with Scott from Zurich on the train, then Rob and John from Mannheim onwards. The four of us later met up with others who had travelled up by car.

The time prior to, during and after the match was punctuated somewhat by Rob. He'd done some digital photo work and produced a collection of photo stickers of your's truly showing the email address of this blog at the bottom. Aided and abetted by John, he then proceeded to distrbute these stickers liberally throughout Frankfurt's public transport system. If you are surfing this blog for the first time after having spotted one of these stickers while going down a U-Bahn escalator in Frankfurt, I can only apologise for photo in question, hope you have recovered from the trauma and welcome you to my blog.

The match ended 0-0.

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