Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Weekend in HD

Caught the train after work last Friday to Heidelberg to stay for the weekend with Doris and Richard, the plan being to then play golf near Heidelberg on the Saturday.

Saw six-month old James Gordon for the first time, the new addition to the Brewis family. What a charmer. His proud parents said he'd be going on solids for the first time this coming week, which is when the fireworks will really start as regards nappy-changing.

Anyway, the golf was a good laugh. We (Rich, Steve, German friend Phips and I) went to Baden GC near Östringen-Tiefenbach situated in the Kraichgau. We all hadn't played for a while and were hence a bit rusty, though some more rusty than others. I was vying throughout with Steve for the prize for the number of golf balls lost. Phips was less wayward, but, by his own admission, he's played better. Rich was the best though, cracking it down the middle on most holes. He ended up carding a more than respectable 88.

I earned a few derisory comments - probably deservedly so - for the number of sweaters and jumpers I'd brought with me. The temperature was in double figures, and I ended up played in a t-shirt and pink short-sleeve polo shirt over the top. Caused a right kerfuffle in the car with all them layers flailing around. And they say I bring it on myself.

Later that day, Rich and I adjourned to a Chinese restaurant in Heidelberg for a meal and met up there with Steve, John & Berenice, Rachael and Michael, Ian & Ros, Rob and Keith.

After a leisurely breakfast the next morning with Rich, Doris and James, followed by Championship highlights on ITV1, I said goodbye and Rich kindly dropped me off at Heidelberg Hbf from where I took the train back to Weil.

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Oliver Acton said...

A great read, I really feel as if I'm there from keeping up with Simon's story.

Some really heart-warming tales too, it sounds a fab place to be in 2008. I must visit the place soon with my partner Tom and show him where I used to go on holidays in the 1970's.