Saturday, 27 December 2008

Another considerable amount of time has again passed since my last post. The Christmas rush was the culprit this time, not to mention a social life that's unexpectedly taken off in recent months. Oh how I yearn for weekends alone at home, doing nothing.. Well, not really, but it was nice last week to be able to wind down a bit over the last few days. My parents were here over Xmas - the second time they've spent the festive season with me here in Weil, though the first time since 2004. We didn't do much, but that was just fine. We ate well, had some good wine, went on afternoon strolls, chatted or just lounged on the sofa and watched telly.

After being here for a week, they've now gone home. Their flight back from Geneva to Blackpool was scheduled for take-off at 9.45 this morning. This meant they had to take the taxi at 4.15 a.m. to Basel SBB, from where they took the first train out at 4.57. They made their connection to Geneva Airport via Delémont without any problem and got to the airport at 7.55. As I write, I think they will probably already have landed in Blackpool.

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