Monday, 20 October 2008


Almost four weeks ago I was diagnosed with deep-vein thrombosis in my lower left leg. Luckily, the clot was below the knee. Apparently, the risk of the clot rising up the body would have been greater had it occurred higher up the leg. Neither the doctors nor myself are unsure how exactly the thrombosis developed. A subsequent blood test showed that my blood wasn't particularly predisposed to thrombosis. But anyhow, I have since been taking medication in order to get rid of it.

I first went on a two-week course of Heparin injections to thin the blood. Unfortunately, this didn't change much. So now I'm on a three month course of Marcumar tablets. I also have to wear a compression stocking on the affected leg. So far, the Marcumar seems to be taking effect ok. I have been paying regular visits to the doctor to have blood tests in order to monitor the therapy. Today's test showed that everything's going according to plan, and the interval before my next blood test has now been lengthened to a week (as opposed to previously three/four days a time).

Of course, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't concerned by the whole thing. However, now I'm undergoing the right therapy with the right medication, I'm confident the thrombosis will have disappeared by the end of the three months. The main thing is that I keep mobile with regular walks, and avoid sitting and standing still for extremely long periods.

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