Thursday, 10 July 2008


Last Saturday evening, I treated myself to a break from translating and ventured out to the Bläserfest on the Rathausplatz in the Weil. This was the fifth year this event was taking place, and this time it was bigger and better than all the other previous years. Not only had the town organised the usual stage with seating and beer and drinks stands on the main square in front of the civic hall, but they had also invited around a dozen local wineries and wine cooperatives to set their own respective "mini-bars" there.

What's more, there were two other minor stages outside the Insel supermarket and on the side of Hauptstraße not far from my own abode. This latter venue was well within earshot on the Friday night, basically featuring successive local brass bands. I had to work most of that day, but the music was much more soothing than the Europop that is set to blare out from there this coming Saturday on Kindertag.

Anyway, a lot of credit goes to the organisers of the event. No admission was charged - thanks to the subsidies from certain local sponsors. The ambiance on Saturday night was very pleasant, refined and relaxed. The theme of the evening was Cuban music. This helped to attract a slightly younger audience than one would otherwise have expected at a brass music event - but none of those Fasnacht hoi polloi.

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