Sunday, 25 May 2008


Spent the night in last night watching the Eurovision Song Contest on BBC1. I only watch it because of Terry Wogan's commentary. He came out with some classics again this year, especially during the "musical" interlude between the acts and the results of the voting.

Not many people in the UK ever took Eurovision that seriously, in the view of the voting which, in Wogan's words, "never ceases to amaze, astonish and amuse". However, now the doyen of Eurovision broadcasters is threatening to throw in the towel after what he believes to be "political voting" which has turned the competition into an even bigger farce than it already was. Eurovision is quickly turning into a play-thing of the old Eastern bloc countries, who generally cast the top votes among themselves, thus rendering the chances of any Western European participants winning in future very slim at best. My favourite ditty by far last night was the French entry, a controversial entry in France itself due to the fact that it was sung in English. It garnered 47 points compared to eventual winners Russia's 272 points, but that was no surprise. I missed the German and UK acts, but they came joint last with Poland on 14 points. Oh dear.

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