Friday, 30 May 2008

What a refreshing change

Took the 17.28 back to Basle from Zurich yesterday evening and chose to sit in the random second-class carriage situated at the rear of the train behind a series of first-class wagons. The train must have been standing in the sun all afternoon, as this air-conditioning-less carriage was like a furnace inside. Most people opened the window, however, and - shock horror - left them open for the whole duration of the journey. Not one whine from anyone about nasty draughts.

This was in stark contrast to the normal scene on the train I usually catch from Weil in the morning. No air conditioning either, but all windows firmly shut despite the fact that the temperature feels like 30C inside. A lot of people are even wearing coats, as if they're scared they may catch a cold. What is wrong with these people? It's a good job the train only takes a few minutes to reach Basle. I may try to open a window one morning and see what the reaction is. I suspect such move will not be greeted with universal approval.

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