Friday, 16 May 2008

Currently playing a bit of catch-up with this blog after to my enforced hiatus of the last few weeks due to a dying computer, a long weekend with with my parents in northwest England, and then work commitments.

One good thing during this period has been the weather, which has been warm and bright. Everything is lush and green now, and the commuting to Zurich and back has become more enjoyable thanks to the lovely sunny views out of train windows. Some people like to open up their laptops and work on the train, but in the morning especially, I tend to either daydream or listen to some podcasts on my iPod. I seem to read a bit more on the way home though. If I had a laptop, I'm not sure whether I would want to take it on trains that often.

Anyway, here's the aforementioned lushness and greenness as depicted in a couple photos I took early in the morning above Weil last Saturday.

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