Sunday, 25 November 2007

Schneider's Kirchenstück 2006

My friends give me my fair share of stick about this but I am a bit of wine anorak, especially when it comes to German wine. Or is that just my way of saying I'm a wine bore?!

Anyway, as a once-in-a-blue-moon treat I cracked open one of the bottles down in the cellar of Château Blogger and had some of it with my evening meal. It was a lovely wine, although I thought it was a bit reticent and needed more air - which is why I've saved a bit of it for this evening. Ideally, a white wine like this would benefit from decanting, but unless you're going to down the lot in one sitting, that's unpractical. I have a few more bottles left of this wine and I intend to lay these down for some time to come.

Apart from the wine itself, the label on the bottle caught the eye: simple and minimalist yet it has all the basic information you need about the wine you're about to drink (vineyard name, grape variety, wine region, village, year, winemaker). The label at the back which you can't see in the photograph should technically be the "front" label. It contains all the details a wine producer in Germany is legally obliged to disclose, such as the wine's official category - in this case a "QbA" or Qualitätswein - and the official certification number (or AP Nr.). By cunningly relegating such sundries to a mini-label at the "back" of the bottle, the wine producer is adhering to legal stipulations but can still produce an uncluttered, customer-friendly "front" label.

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