Sunday, 4 November 2007

A quiet November Sunday

Just what the doctor ordered, to be honest. After spending time at the autumn fair with friends in Basle on Saturday (we went on a variety of rides and also went up to the Bar Rouge at the top of the Messeturm), I wasn't intending much today apart from a walk in the fresh air to capture some autumnal hues with my camera.

Otherwise, I cleaned up and put away the table and chairs on my balcony, I discovered this nifty gadget for blocking advertising on websites, and I pondered on what might have been at "Ashburton Grove" 24 hours previously, where Man United sadly conceded late on to draw 2-2 and thus postpone moving into top spot in the Premier League.

1 comment:

Helen Adams said...

Sad news mate. I was watching it in Stockport..thought Ronnie had nailed it for us.

Anyway, they lost last night...ha!!