Friday, 26 October 2007

SC Freiburg - FC St. Pauli

So, on to last Sunday. The kick-off was 2pm, so after the late night in Walldorf, it was a case of "shower in a can" (i.e. deodorant), a quick comb and into the car, as we set off at around quarter to 11. We got to the park & ride on the outskirts of Freiburg just after midday and met Scott and Karl-Heinz at our rendez-vous point in the Ratsstüble in the old town some time after we'd made a detour to Freiburg Hbf where I managed to find a locker to put my rucksack in.

On we went to the ground, where we watched one of the more entertaining matches I've seen involving Freiburg. It ended only 2-0 to Freiburg, but it was a very open game with chances at both ends. The appropriately monikered Freiburg keeper, Carsten Nulle, dislocated his shoulder in the first half and had to come off. We didn't realise this at the time and thought he was just being soft. Scott, a keeper by trade himself, kept shouting at St. Pauli's keeper to use his hands instead of trying to save everything with his feet: "Bloody continental goalkeeping!" was one of his comments.

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