Sunday, 14 October 2007

Last day of my hols today, unfortunately.

Must, say, I enjoyed last night! When I accepted the offer a few weeks ago of tickets to the Switzerland-Austria friendly football match at the new Letzigrund stadium in Zurich, little did I know that the then shambles of an England rugby team would then go on to reach the last four of the World Cup. So, while England were recording a monumental victory over France in the semi-final, myself, friends Stu, Kath and Karl-Heinz were watching the footy instead. Not to worry, though, as Stu had set his video recorder to tape the rugby for us to watch when we got back to his and Kath's place. After leaving the football a few minutes early to avoid the rush, we headed straight back to theirs, trying to avoid learning of the rugby score. Frankly, in Zurich this shouldn't theoretically be that much of problem. However, French supporters had apparently been out beeping their car horns after their victory over the All Blacks last weekend, so we were still rather on edge. The fact we didn't hear anything of the sort was a good sign, though we weren't prepared to admit that until we'd seen the full 80 minutes!

Anything else to report? No, but just two photos to post from my third walk of the past week, from Weil up to Ötlingen and back. Incidentally, the second of the photos bears quirky testimony to the fact the Tüllinger Hill is not merely a "monoculture" comprising vineyards and nothing else (yes, they are leeks).

As for the weather, it was sensational all week - and, in my view, there's no better time of the year than autumn when the sun's shining.

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