Saturday, 22 September 2007

Excursion to Rheinfelden

I'm currently having a long weekend at home, taking Friday and Monday off. Yesterday (Friday), I decided to have a wander round Rheinfelden - i.e. both the Swiss and German towns of the same name, separated by the Rhine. Situated just 15km from Basle, Swiss Rheinfelden is the much prettier of the two towns, while Badisch Rheinfelden has a nondescript pedestrian precinct but nothing much else. On the other hand, the German town has "Eiscafes" galore, something you simply never come across in Swiss towns. For the unacquainted, an Eiscafe is a cross between a cafe and an ice cream parlour and is usually run by the families of Italian immigrants. What with the weather befitting an Indian summer, I thought, what better way to finish off the afternoon than to sit outside Eiscafe Dolomiti with a small bowl of Stracciatella plus a Hefeweizen to wash it down? I don't normally frequent Eiscafes, but at that particular moment, I remembered what exceedingly good fortune it is to live in a country where they exist.

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