Sunday, 29 July 2007

I went on my bike this afternoon for a brisk ride to nowhere in particular. Lately I've just been following my nose, and today's excursion was no exception.

This time, I rode along the spur of the Tüllinger hill round into Switzerland and then back into Germany a few hundred metres further along the path. It's an interesting corner to explore because sometimes you can flit through from one country to the other several times.

The weather for cycling was very pleasant. Although the sun wasn't shining, it still felt pleasantly warm but nice and fresh, what with the breeze that was blowing. I stopped for a while on a bench in the middle of the vineyards situated literally on the border. The view looking down was interesting as the vines to my right were in Switzerland and the vines to my left and behind me were in Germany. An old border stone dating back to the 15th century also marked the spot. As you'll see in the photos below, one side is painted in the black and white episcopal emblem of Basle while the other is covered in the yellow and red that denotes the territory of the "Markgraf of Baden".

Achtung halt! After 50 metres or so in D, the path takes me back into CH. This is the view back to Germany with Lörrach in the distance. The sign in German is situated on the Tüllinger Weinweg.

1. View up from the border to the top of the Tüllinger hill
2. View from another border crossing looking back into Weil.

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