Friday, 2 March 2007

Friday in Zurich

I worked with my colleagues in the Zurich office today. On the whole, the visit went alright. I had an inauspicious start to the day, however, because the 7.27 bus never arrived. Admittedly, I sometimes cut it fine with the bus, but this time there were three or four others who had no idea what was happening. Realising that the bus would probably never arrive, I quickly returned to my flat, rang Zurich to say I'd be late and then waited for the 7.57 bus to arrive ten minutes later than scheduled (as per usual). By the time I reached Basel SBB station, I'd missed three connections and the next train didn't leave until 9.07. I finally arrived at Rötelstrasse 84 in the Wipkingen quarter of Zurich after a journey time of three hours.

Work itself went fairly well, and we all had lunch at a nearby Indian called "Curry Dreams". I wonder if I'll be dreaming tonight about the lamb curry I had?

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