Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Pedestrian bridge to France

On a happer note, the new pedestrian bridge from Weil to Huningue over the Rhine to France is due to be positioned and set on its foundations this coming weekend.

Starting tomorrow, 8 November, it will be carefully lowered from it's current position in Huningue docks on to pontoons by means of sophisticated hydraulics. Then between 4 and 8 on Sunday morning (12 November ), the bridge will be moved to it's intended location on the Huningue side of the river and from 10am onwards will be turned 90 degrees across the river. It could be quite a spectacle. After all, it's set to become Europe's longest pedestrian bridge. However, I'm off to Freiburg on Sunday to watch SC Freiburg vs. 1. FC Köln, so I'll have to give it a miss.

The bridge is due to open to the public on 31 December.

Here's a description of what's going to happen taken from Weil's official website: http://www.weil-am-rhein.de/servlet/PB/menu/1158206_l1/index.html?pressID=5299&showPressDetails=true&menuLanguage=1

Here's computer image of what the bridge will look like

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