Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Chairs (lots of them)

So, like I was saying, Weil has made a bit of a name for itself thanks to it's chair-making industry. As a way of doffing their proverbial caps to this fine art, the marketing brains at the Weil Business & Tourist Information Office came up with the novel idea of strategically placing oversized designer chairs at street corners, outside shops and restaurants throughout town. Some of these specimens are so big you would need some form of climbing equipment to clamber on to them. Others are more modest in size but no less awkward to sit on. Personally I find the chairs add a nice quirky touch to Weil.

However, there is, I believe, a danger of overplaying this aspect. This was the case in July 2000, when Weil entered the Guinness Book of Records with the record for the world's longest unbroken row of people sitting on chairs. I don't know exactly what the final distance was that was achieved, but the record attempt started at the Vitra museum situated near an approach road and ended by the town hall right in the centre of town: maybe a mile and a half or so. I remember that day clearly, walking with a bemused look on my face past a long row of Germans sitting on chairs and listening to the strains of DJ Ötzi bellowing from a hastily erected stage.

Since then, there have to date been no more record attempts to speak of.

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